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A Guide to Local, Handmade Jewellery

3 Ethical, Handmade Jewellery Designers to Know

As much as clothes help to tell your story, so do the jewels you pair them with. Having a curated collection of handmade jewellery, is the easiest way to style your wardrobe for different occasions. When choosing accessories, we often think about the design, durability, and price. But, some other important questions to ask are:

“Whose hands have crafted the product?”

“Are the raw materials sustainable?”

“Have they been mined and sourced ethically?”

Buying from local makers is a simple way to learn about how your pieces have been made. Passionate designers will be proud to explain how and why their jewellery has been crafted. To help get you started, I have curated a list of my favourite local and ethical jewellery brands. My top picks are handcrafted jewels, which are artfully moulded into unique shapes.

1.Laura Armstrong Jewellery

Laura works from a beautiful, airy sunlit studio and melds fashion and art into unique wearable pieces. She is driven by her love of silver smithing, and creating comfortable, lasting statement pieces. I love the elegant simplicity of her pieces, and the delightful blend of geometric and organic shapes.

2. Pip Stent

Pip Stent combines her expertise in traditional gold and silver smithing techniques, with her passion for art history. Her belief in the power of the artists hand shows through in her work. She makes to order from her Sydney studio, and slight variations from her handmade process add to the uniqueness of each piece. With a sustainable mindset, she also sources Australian recycled silver and gold and minimises waste throughout her process.

3. Tilly Jewellery

I love Matilda Sinclair’s unique, statement approach to her designs. Handmade here in Brisbane, her designs are both bold and timeless. Her signature minimal shapes are uniquely interwoven to evoke emotion and personality. One of my favourites are her entwined drop hoops. Made with love from ethically sourced materials, her designs are perfect for women looking for rare, less conventional pieces.

Do you know of more ethically handmade jewellery labels from Australia?
Please share them in the comments below.



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