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The name Sundholm is a celebration of my mother, who showed immense strength of spirit throughout her lifetime. After observing her modest elegance and grace, I was inspired to continue adding just a touch more beauty to the world. 

I write and design for women just like her. For those who appreciate simplicity and ease; the early days of summer, a late afternoon wine, and sandy feet.

With a background in fashion, writing, and digital marketing, Sundholm is where I combine my passions. The internet can bring us together and the world should be enjoyed for many more seasons to come.  

I jot down my musings on the ocean, nature, and the sun, while hand-crafting my capsule collections from sustainable plant-based fabrics. It’s all to help us celebrate and protect the fruits of nature.

My binding mantra? ‘Give only what you can, take only what you need.’ 

1% of every sale made through Sundholm is donated to The Australian Marine Conservation Society.

I am available for freelance writing projects. Interested in collaboration?
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