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Closet Cleanse

The next step to staying on your new years high may well be a closet cleanse. A closet cleanse brings order to your wardrobe and the process of simplifying was originated by Marie Kondo in her book The Life Changing Process of Tidying Up. It is an enriching less is more approach to your wardrobe and this simplistic attitude can extend into further areas of your life and home.

There are only a couple of simple steps to a closet cleanse.

  1. Open up your wardrobe, pull out pieces that you love. The pieces that you pull out one the ones that make you feel joyful and happy.
  2. Any pieces that are left behind can be given away or thrown out.

It sounds brutal, however this sharp editing technique and minimalist approach means that when you open your wardrobe you will only see pieces that you love. You won’t see mistake purchases, outfits that no longer fit or are damaged. You will no longer be weighed down by unused garments and clutter. Instead you will have a more defined sense of personal style, as you will clearly see what you love in front of you ever day. You can then make future purchases more mindfully, as you know what will match and work best with your simple, joyful wardrobe.

You can also give away your unloved pieces to those who need it and donate to charities such as:

The process of giving and helping will bring you far more joy than holding onto your unused items.

The after-effects of a closet cleanse are profound. Rather than feeling overwhelmed, unsatisfied or confused, you will start to feel empowered, creative and excited when you look into your wardrobe. You be able to mix and match more easily to create different outfit combinations. Surprisingly, with less in your closet your selection of attire will feel far more abundant.



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