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Girl wearing a minimal linen dress in an industrial setting

How to create a minimalist wardrobe

Minimalism is a less is more approach to fashion that is on the rise. Having a minimalist wardrobe and investing in quality over quantity is a more sustainable approach to style that reduces the environmental impact of the fashion industry. Being a conscious consumer is also practical and kinder on our wallets.

These 5 easy steps to create a minimalist wardrobe will help you to de-clutter, purchase more purposefully and style yourself with ease.

1. Find your inspiration.

Developing a simple wardrobe that you love requires an inspired approach. The easiest way to find fashion inspiration is by looking through  fashion magazines, instagram, pinterest or street style blogs. You can tear out pages that catch your eye or save images that you find online. You can then use these images as a constant reminder of looks and styles that you love. You will then start to see particular patterns in your style starting to emerge. You might even like to create a inspiration board. You can see our inspiration board on Pinterest here.

Shapes and colours in architecture, nature and art can equally inspire your wardrobe. The ocean is a large inspiration for ILMA by Sundholm Style. The refreshing and expansive colour palette of the ocean was used as inspiration for the first collection. By tuning into what stimulates your visually, your wardobe and future purchases will become more inspired and cohesive. The daily ritual of putting your outfits together will start to become an invigorating experience.

Close up shot of minimal linen top and purple flowers

Photography: Jade Ferguson @jade_fox | Model: Keeleigh O’Hanlon @keeleighohanlon | Flowers: Flowerlovers Brisbane @flowerlovers

2. Discover your signature style.

Your signature style is the mood, feeling or image that you constantly create through your outfits. Start to take notice of the outfits that you feel best in and the pieces in your wardrobe that you wear repeatedly. Simply start to invest in more of these styles in your future purchases. You might define your style as classic, eccentric, natural, modern, bohemian, feminine or experimental, or a mixture of these. You will naturally feel more confident when you start to wear pieces that communicate your personality. You will love your pieces for longer, develop a recognisable sense of style, and remove impulse purchases from your wardrobe.

3. Invest in staples.

A fashion minimalist will always look for quality fabrics and well constructed pieces. Notice which types of fabrics feel soft on your skin, drape well and complement your silhouette. They also know what colours work for them. Only invest in colours that make your eyes and skin look brighter, and help your complexion to glow.

Also consider whether or not you can mix and match new items together with your existing wardrobe. Minimalists invest in versatile pieces that can be styled in many different ways to create multiple looks.

4. Learn to accessorise your minimalist wardrobe.

Accessories can completely revitalise older staple garments and create new outfits. There are some key accessories that you will consistently rely upon to elevate, revitalise and style your minimalist wardrobe.

A simple, statement pair of earrings, classic or on trend sunglasses, a timeless watch, a contemporary evening clutch, sophisticated work tote, casual day bag, black and a nude pair of heels and comfortable flats can be used on rotation to take outfits to a range of occasions.

Portrait of a girl wearing silver minimalist earrings

Photography: Jade Ferguson @jade_fox | Model: Keeleigh O’Hanlon @keeleighohanlon | Earrings: Jade Collections @jade.collections | Flowers: Flowerlovers Brisbane @flowerlovers

5. Flatter your figure

Only keep items in your minimalist wardrobe that complement your figure and make you feel confident. Learn which design features work with your body shape and avoid purchasing ill fitting garments which get pushed to the side in your wardrobe.

You can use a few simple visual principles to help you flatter your figure. For example, horizontal lines are widening, whilst vertical or diagonal lines are slimming and elongating. Use horizontal lines on areas where you would like to add emphasis, and vertical lines or diagonal lines on areas you would like to appear more narrow. Bold outfit details, accessories, strong colours and textures will also draw attention. Place these on features that you want to accentuate. Soft, muted colours, soft textures and minimal accessories are used on areas that you want the eyes to skim over.

Do you have more useful advice for creating a minimalist wardrobe? Share your tips and thoughts in the comments below.

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