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Sundholm Style

Intent Top | ILMA by Sundholm Style

The Cultivate Collection


Abundance Dress | ILMA by Sundholm Style


ratitude Dress | ILMA by Sundholm Style


Intent Top | ILMA by Sundholm Style


Reflection Skirt | ILMA by Sundholm Style


The Cultivate Collection is the premier collection from Sundholm Style.  Designed and produced in Australia, the range nurtures our local industry.  The collection was shot within the leafy surrounds at Bedouin Brew café in Rocklea. Brie Conomos artfully captured our elegant muse Josie O’Hanlon amongst the refreshing greenery.

Each piece is designed to seamlessly fit into a capsule wardrobe collection and is hand crafted from natural linen. The collection brings the wearer back to nature and each piece reminds us to foster growth in areas such as gratitude, abundance, intent and reflection.

Celebrating the elegance found in modest simplicity, the collection features relaxed fits, modern shapes and an ocean inspired colour palette. The Cultivate Collection complements a minimalist lifestyle that leaves space for each individual wearer’s passions to flourish; whilst the raw and elegant styles take an effortless nod to natural beauty.

Enjoy and explore the Cultivate Collection.

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