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The next step to staying on your new years high may well be a closet cleanse. A closet cleanse brings order to your wardrobe and the process of simplifying was originated by Marie Kondo in her book The Life Changing Process of Tidying Up. It is an enriching less is more approach to your wardrobe and this simplistic attitude can extend into further areas of your life and home. There are only a couple of simple steps to a closet cleanse.

It's no secret that creative expression can help you relax. Music, dance, photography and painting are just some forms of creative expression that can help to relax the mind (whether you are producing them yourself or admiring them!). However, I really felt the effects of art therapy during a painting workshop hosted by my talented friend Carissa from RISSOCO Designs. We were shown a few exercises to warm up the right hand (creative) side of our brain and then were let loose with paints, brushes

  Undress Runways has just launched a powerful campaign called Is This Real. It shows us that child labour in the garment and textiles industry is really going on.¬†In the video¬†young Australian children are shown dire images of kids the same age as them who are caught up in child labour overseas. When asked what they think of these images shock, disbelief and sadness is printed across their young faces. It is difficult, almost impossible for them to contemplate that this

Meet Carissa from RISSOCO designs. She creates beautiful prints with soothing colour harmonies that relax and free your mind. She has just started sharing her prints with the world, and I recently got to catch up with her and ask her a few questions about the hopes and dreams she holds for her new artistic project. Carissa has a collaborative and truly inspired spirit that is infectious. It is so beautiful to meet people like Carissa, who have an open mind and heart and

Undress Runways unveiled its first of three sustainable fashion shows at the Brisbane Showgrounds on Saturday the 10th of October. 22 designers showcased their work on the warehouse runway beneath the floating decorative orbs illuminated by green eco-inspiring light. The result was breathtaking. Undress Runways director, Edda Hamar explained in our recent Sundholm Style interview that a major goal of Undress Runways is to challenge the reputation and aesthetic of sustainability. It is easy to simply imagine tie dyed hemp when we hear the words "sustainable

Undress Runways will celebrate its fifth year of sustainable runway fashion shows in October. From it's humble beginning on the rooftop of the China Town Carpark, Undress Runways will hold its sustainable fashion shows across three of Australia‚Äôs capitals ‚Äď Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne for the first time ever.   ¬†I attended my first Undress Runways event early last year, and have been amazed at how much it has flourished since. Mixing¬†a strong party vibe with¬†a positive message, it is no wonder

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