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Sundholm Style

#ilmawoman | Sundholm Style

Meet Lakdini Ranasinghe #ilmawoman

Young doctor, artist and this month’s #ilmawoman

I am happiest when…
I’m not studying for exams.

The first place I fell in love with…
Tokyo, Japan. Such a beautiful country with rich cultural heritage. The food was insane too!

My secret talent is…
playing table tennis.

A message to my younger self…
Don’t take life too seriously and just enjoy the moment. 

For fun I…
Play video games and consume large quantities of chocolate. 

I’m inspired by…
Michael Jackson.

Not many people know that…
I got my first job at age 24. Yikes!

I feel at home…
When I’m with my family.

I’m looking forward to…
The holidays. Not long to go now. 


#ilmawoman | Sundholm Style

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