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Sundholm Style

Undress Runways 2015 Review: Sustainable Fashion Finds a New Aesthetic

Undress Runways unveiled its first of three sustainable fashion shows at the Brisbane Showgrounds on Saturday the 10th of October. 22 designers showcased their work on the warehouse runway beneath the floating decorative orbs illuminated by green eco-inspiring light. The result was breathtaking.

Undress Runways director, Edda Hamar explained in our recent Sundholm Style interview that a major goal of Undress Runways is to challenge the reputation and aesthetic of sustainability. It is easy to simply imagine tie dyed hemp when we hear the words “sustainable fashion”. Luckily, the runway show on Saturday night put any of these notions to rest and showed us that sustainable fashion encompasses so much more..

Two distinct collections that stood out were the couture designs from Moreno Marcos and Rachael Cassar.

The Moreno Marcos collection, designed by Sofia Moreno included dream like one off and limited edition pieces artfully constructed from upcycled and recycled fabrics. A beautiful sorbet colour scheme combined with flowing fabrics and plunging necklines inspired luxurious summer day dreams.

Rachael Cassar’s collection also stood out. Her designs are pioneering eco-couture with less form fitting and more imaginative silouhettes. Futuristic,  inspired and unexpected would sum up her achromatic, head turning collection.

The emergence of these beautiful collections at Undress Runways is proving that sustainability is a design process, rather than any stereotypical aesthetic. In a consumer driven world where achieving pure sustainability is extremely difficult and a potentially costly pursuit, these fashion designers who are chipping away at sustainable solutions are a cause for celebration. Their adaptive mindset and innovative creations inspire us to see all that is possible rather than what currently is.

I hope you enjoy my runway review as much as I loved watching the show, as well as a little insight into Sofia and Rachael’s sustainable design inspiration and how they got started!

Moreno Marcos

How have you incorporated sustainability into your design process?

“I use the draping technique to create some of my designs, which means no wastage; while in other designs I find ways to use the off cuts to embellish or manipulate the fabrics for a unique look.”

What inspired you to take the first step towards becoming sustainable?

“I started up cycling old items, using old jewellery and fabric remnants to create one off pieces, so the idea of reviving old clothing was very inspiring.”

~ Sofia Moreno


Rachael Cassar

How have you incorporated sustainability into your design process?

“All ranges are made from recycled materials. A combination of deconstructed pre loved garments , vintage fabrics and end of rolls- surplus stock. I’m a bit of a bower bird so have been collecting fabrics, bits and pieces since I was a teenager. I have a library of recycled goods to use every collection.” 

What inspired you to take the first step towards becoming sustainable?

“Being sustainable shouldn’t really be an option for emerging designers.. It is integral to the future of our industry. Fashion reflects time- so it should reflect the social obligation we have towards our environment. I was inspired to  change people’s  perception on what environmentally friendly means through strong design. Re- defining the Eco aesthetic is what drives my label and this original vision has allowed me to have success globally. You don’t have to sacrifice fashion for sustainability.”

~ Rachael Cassar




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